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Release Notes - PostgreSQL 9
Posted by on 01 June 2011 08:17 AM

Release Notes - PostgreSQL 9

Highlighted Features and Fixes in PostgreSQL 9.0.7


PostgreSQL 9.0.7 is a bug fix and security release, no new features have been added.


  • The postmaster process will now attempt a restart after a hot-standby crash
  • The per-column permissions are updated when changing the table owner
  • Handling of inherited table columns in pg_dump has been improved

The official Release Notes for PostgreSQL 9.0.7 are available here -

Highlighted Features and Fixes in PostgreSQL 9.0.4


  • Hot Standby feature allows read-only connections during a recovery
  • Typed tables are supported
  • Exclusion constraints for uniqueness
  • Easier database object permissions management
  • Built-in replication based on log shipping
  • Easier database object permissions management
  • Broadly enhanced stored procedure support


  • Disallow DROP TABLE when there are pending deferred trigger events for the table
  • Update time zone data files to tzdata release 2011 for DST law changes where applicable

The official Release Notes for PostgreSQL 9.0.4 are available here -

How to upgrade

Warning Make a backup of your PostgreSQL database before upgrading! For ISPmanager, see here - and for Webmin see here -

ISPmanager Control Panel

To update PostgreSQL in ISPmanager, you will need to connect to your Virtual Machine via SSH, using either the MindTerm SSH client, or a regular SSH client. More information can be found in the User Guide: SSH and MindTerm -

Once you are connected to the Virtual Machine, you will need to run the following commands as the root user: yum clean all and yum -y update postgresql-server

The first command clears the yum cache, and the second command downloads and installs the update to the PostgreSQL database server.

[root@example ~]# yum clean all
Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, priorities, remove-with-leaves
Cleaning up Everything
Cleaning up list of fastest mirrors
[root@example ~]#

[root@example ~]# yum -y update postgresql-server

You will know that the upgrade is complete when you see a Complete! message and you are returned to the command prompt. At this point PostgreSQL has been updated.

Webmin Control Panel

The instructions for upgrading PostgreSQL using Webmin are different depending on which version of PostgreSQL you have installed. To see which version you have, look at the file PG_VERSION, located at /var/lib/pgsql/data. You can view this file from the command line or through the File manager. This will show the major number of the release, either 8.0 or 9.0.

Upgrading version 8 to version 9

Early Webmin customers were able to install PostgreSQL 8. If you are upgrading from version 8 to version 9, make sure to read the official Release Notes for version 9 - Some backwards compatibility was broken between version 8 and version 9 in order to allow some of the new features in version 9 to work correctly.

All of the new features and incompatibilities are discussed in the official Release Notes, please read them carefully. Make sure that your applications will work correctly with the new version before upgrading.

If you are upgrading from PostgreSQL 8 to PostgreSQL 9, you will need to do a dump of your database first, and then remove the older version of PostgreSQL from Webmin, and move the existing database directory. Then you can install the new version of PostgreSQL, and restore your database.

All of this requires that you have some familiarity with working from the command line and also with managing PostgreSQL. If you need assistance with this, please contact eApps Support.

Upgrading version 9 to a newer version 9

If you are upgrading from version 9.X.X to version 9.Y.Y, then you can simply upgrade through the Applications module in Webmin.

To upgrade the application, go to the Control Panel > Applications > PostgreSQL Server > Updates Available - Update application

The upgrade will complete automatically and restart the database when finished.

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